Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting back to being me (The "If I Had A Job Wishlist")

September was a ROUGH month for me. Mentally decompressing from the bar exam plus stressing out about not having a job (a lovely combo of struggling to accept my lack of employment plus worrying about how I'd pay my bills) plus a lack of structure to my days equaled a horrible month! Last month was a low point but the eventual consequence of dealing with back to back major stressors for months - first finals, then studying for the bar exam, then taking the bar exam, then searching for a job and worrying about money - and these things distracted me from my loves: writing, reading, music (listening to, reading about, etc.) and SHOPPING!

As I am strapped for cash (much like the rest of the country - I know) of course I'm not shopping. But I've let that fact keep me from window shopping - my second favorite fashion activity. I've always liked thinking about clothes/shoes/accessories I'd like to own, putting together looks - starting when I played with cutout dolls as a little girl. If I had a job that paid me well, these are the things I'd be buying for this season*:


Old Navy Women's Plus: Wool Blend Trench Coat - here in Heather Grey, also available in Black. $92.

People sleep on Old Navy in terms of offering great style but I think this piece is a good example of why people - particularly plus size women - should pay attention. It's a great price, very affordable for those of us who are paid well. It's also a classic, clean cut sort of coat - this is the kind of cut that would be flattering on me. Heather grey is one of my favorite neutrals - the color is great! This is great coat to wear with all those suits I'd have to wear to work...

Old Navy Women's Plus: Wool Blend Belted Coat - here in Green Envy, also available in Black. $82.

Another great piece from Old Navy's Women's Plus line! I am not a big fan of the three-quarter sleeve coat trend (it's not practical and it can look a bit odd on some) but I will make an exception for this pretty pretty green piece of coat! I love it! (Green is my favorite color.) Also the belted look is a good look for me - I look better when my waist is accentuated - as do most women, I think.

Wear to Work:

I have a few suits already but with a new job, I'll need to update the ol' work wardrobe, for sure:

Lane Bryant: Knit Dress with Jaquard Jacket Set. $89.50.

This is a great look for the workplace! It's basic but not boring (thanks to the jacquard print jacket), it's comfortable and also made up of two very versatile pieces. The jacket can definitely be work with a basic top and bottom - and the knit dress is cute enough to be worn by itself (with the right accessories it would work for an afterwork event) or with another cardigan or jacket. I love suits that are mix and matchable.

Kiyonna: Alexa Sateen Blazer & Alexa Pleated Skirt. $128 & $92, respectively.

Sateen isn't typically something I'd try to rock to work but I would totally make an exception for this suit - preferably on a Friday. It's too cute!

And I'm LOVING the heels the model is wearing with the suit! They'd be a good look with this next piece:

Kiyonna: Juliet Wrap Dress - here in Prissy Purple, also available in Black and Tickled Teal. $128.

I love a good wrap dress - form fitting where I need it to fit, flowy where I need it to flow, and it works in all kinds of settings. For work, this would be a good with a white button down collared shirt underneath - and afterwork, take off the shirt, put on some hot heels like the ones above and I'm good to go!

Wear to Play:

All work and no play makes for a very dull girl - and since I'm far from dull, I think the play clothes deserve the same attention as the work clothes:

Old Navy: Women's Princess Sleeve Sweaters - here in Pink Stripe, many varieties available. $29.50.
Ok so I actually own this sweater - saw it in the store, walked away from it (budgetary concerns, you know) and found myself just thinking about it and thinking about it... so I got it and it was worth it! It's super cute on me. There's a green stripe option to this sweater that's just as cute but something about the sweater called to me... and so I answered. I also like that I could possibly wear it to work (layered with a collared shirt underneath) - which is how I justified my purchase! This would look fab with these chocolate brown knee-high boots I own and maybe a cute denim skirt, like this:

Torrid: High Waisted Denim Pencil Skirt. $38.

I have to say that I'm not impressed with the way the skirt fits the model but I know that with my curves, this pencil skirt would work! The cut always fits me well and in dark denim I don't think I could go wrong here.


For me, shoe shopping in the fall is really BOOT shopping...

Payless: Shelby Tall Stretch Boot. $44.99.

Sexy sexy! Not too many shoes beat a sleek, simple stretch knee boot. I have so many outfits with which this will go well...

Bronx Nazza - here in Pond, also available in Black. Found on Piperlime.com for $235.
These look extra comfy and are that shade of grey I love - or are they green? I imagine this is one of those items that might look a bit different in person. Grey or green I don't think I'd mind them - they're hot! Bronx makes great shoes.

Coclico Obama Boot. $535.
These are beautifully crafted boots - and they better be for $535! But they're named after Obama? I guess you rock these babies and everyone will know that YES, YOU CAN! I'm loving the heel and the cognac brown color. No shocker that Piperlime has them marked as a "best seller."

I let go of an important part of who I am during the past few months but I feel like that I'm slowly getting back to being me.
I think it's important to keep on doing the things you love regardless of whatever's going on in life. I haven't online window shopped like this in a long time - I haven't really sat and thought about wearing new things or explored what was going on in fashion the way I used to explore. I was way too distracted with being troubled by my troubles but no more of that! This blog was so much fun to write - it definitely helped me feel a bit better. I hope you enjoyed it too.

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You already know I love your style!! Unlike you, I loathe shopping. I don't have the patience for it. :(
How about you do my shopping for me?!? :D