Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Lord provides!

For the last few hours of this Presidential campaign I decided I needed a break.
Getting up early to vote made me tired today
So it made sense to get away.
I kept the TV off.
I turned off my phone.
I ate and watched my favorite shows - online.
No news for a few hours.
No words about the election.
I ate, I watched my favorite shows and I also prayed
The sole prayer I've been praying all day:
That the Lord provides this nation with the leader it needs
to improve our condition.
I knew who I wanted to win - but the Lord knows best
and I put my trust, solely, and always in Him.

As my body drifted to sleep, my building ROARED and
Gun shots blared -
Telling me how God decided to answer my particular prayer:
Who so many of us wanted to win
Has been given His blessing.
And though I'm tired - I can't sleep now.
Because although it's the end of the campaign,
It's really just the beginning of change
For the betterment of the nation
For the Black American psyche -
Hell, for the American notions of Blackness
For the world's view of the United States
And for so much more that my mind can't fathom.
And the possibilities for the future have woken me up.

The Lord provides!
God bless the President-Elect.